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Talk@holic MeetMe
Finally Talk@holic MeetMe conference service, from Telesuite ®, with the enriched feature set is available to all of you so to break the standard one to one phone call limitation and communicate for free with many members at the same time.

Ideal for social network users, such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MySPACE, YouTube, LINKEDin, Online Gamers whishing a free of charge way in making chat calls with all their friends, as well it can be used for business conference meetings.

The reasons making us irresistible are: simplicity of use, affordable or no cost at all, no contract or ties, high availability 24/7 without requiring pre-booking, excellent quality, reachability world wide through landlines and mobile phones, free of any call duration limitation.

Start now using our Talk@holic MeetMe "meeting rooms" and save valuable time and money.

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